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OEM Decoupler Pulley Catalog - Now Available


Now available from AIM: The most comprehensive and up-to-date Decoupler Pulley Catalog on the market.

The 24 page OEM Decoupler Pulley Catalog includes a Buyers Guide with 3 View Photos,
Pulley Cross Reference, Unit Cross Reference, and Pulley Chart.

Over 40 million vehicles in North America are now factory equipped with a Litens
Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD) pulley rather than the conventional solid
or one-way clutch pulley.  An OAD's primary function is to reduce the noise, vibration
and harshness common with today's lean engine designs, while improving fuel
efficiency and lowering the risk of premature accessory drive component failure.

An OAD is similar in appearance to other pulley designs, but its patented internal
decoupling system plays a vital role in synchronizing the belt drive system.
When replacing an OAD-equiped alternator pulley, the only acceptable choice is
another OAD pulley.

Please click this link to download the pdf.  AIM - Litens Pulley Catalog

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